N is for No

In the convention world, “no” is often an alien word. I am not referring to the No Pants Subway Ride 2013 even. I am talking about all types volunteers in fandom who have skills, and know that there is a vacancy in their organization. They want to serve because they do not see it being filled. That is time to step back, talk to those are close and will be affected by the decision, and know the limits of their time. How often does this happen? Not enough. I found my self here. I have seen others here countless times.

But, it is not only that individual’s fault. Those desperate to fill vacant positions can be guilty too. These managers, directors, department heads, con-chairs, or whatever the title is, need to assess these people and their commitments. Yes, they may have the skills, but if they lack the time, was that really a good fit?

Just think about things first. It is ok to say no.

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