O is for Oooooooooooh My!

Where to start?

George Takei is probably best known for playing Mr. Sulu on the original Star Trek television show, until recently. You see, George came out in October of 2005 with his partner of 18 years, Brad Altman. He then became a spokesperson in 2006 for Human Rights Campaign “Coming Out Project.” He married Brad September 14th, 2008, before Proposition 8 came into effect in November.

Why am I listing all this? George Takei came on the scene for LGBT rights and he has been very vocal about his thoughts and opinions. When Tennessee’s bill “Don’t Say Gay” hit the scene in 2011 forcing teachers only to talk only about hetrosexuality in schools, George put out this YouTube video:

Then we have the video calling out Clint McCance’s douchebaggery.

He has become a social media all-star. He continues his LGBT advocacy interspersed with humor and salient viewpoints through these channels. On Twitter, he has over 600,000 followers. Facebook shows that George has nearly four million likes. He even pins on Pinterest with over 300,000 followers there. Or if you just like reading a blog, you can follow the link from his website.

George Takei has so many more accomplishments to his credit, but I think his voice for equal rights is the most impressive. Even when he put down McCance, he still did it with intelligence, grace, and aplomb.

Here is a funny for you to leave with.

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