CONundrum’s Rhapsody started as an idea to write about fan conventions and my other geeky interests. My hope is that people find my blog and come back because they found it amusing, entertaining, or even a little informative. So hang on, some days I might not even know where the posts might lead.


English: A panorama of downtown Milwaukee, Wis...

A panorama of downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin by night (Photo credit: Wikipedia). A trivia fact: the city’s lacking skyline is a result of a city ordinance that restricted the height of buildings to be lower than City Hall.

Originally from Milwaukee, I moved to Minneapolis in 1999. I worked as an optician for more years than I can count, decided to learn the process of jewelry making. Unfortunately, timing was off and the luxury market was at an all-time low. Moving on, I enrolled in a Public Relations Specialist Program which rounded out my experiences in event planning, writing, design, and (cough) public speaking. Now, I am looking to work in this field where I had spent many years as a volunteer.


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