To A-Z or not to A-Z

Alright, it certainly seems easy enough. Write 26 blog posts to correspond with the letters of the alphabet for the month of April. Sundays are free days for good behavior.

How hard can that be? Hmm, the post topic has to alphabetically to the specific day. So, April 1st is “A” and so on. ¬†What is helpful though, is blogs can be written ahead of time and scheduled for posting. But 26 blogs…

Well, I can look at this two ways. It will definitely jump start my blog. And second, it will get me writing more regularly again. While we did have a lot of assignments in Public Relations writing, I was starting to feel more natural about it.

I think that “A” will be easy enough. It is April and Anime Detour is almost here. For the rest of the alphabet, you will just have to wait.