B is for Blue


Ok, the give-me for “blue” for most geeks is the blue British police box known as the TARDIS from Dr. Who. There is much news in regards to the series within the past week.

Season Seven, Part Two premiere (spoiler alerts)

Saturday night gave us the new installment of Dr. Who with a brand spankin’ new companion. Well, maybe not new in our viewing pleasure. We have seen her before living and dying. We watched Clara in The Snowmen where she lives in Victorian London as an enterprising young woman who slides through society as a barmaid to a governess. Then, we see her attacked, and she fell from the TARDIS to her death.

Clara and the Doctor in the 2012 Christmas Special

Clara and the Doctor in the 2012 Christmas Special


That was not the first time we, or the the doctor, saw her. She was the souffle girl from Asylum of the Daleks. As the Junior Entertainment Manager of the starship Alaska, she was the remaining crew member trying to survive. Clara helps guide Amy and Rory out of the asylum, but she is herself trapped. The Doctor fights his way pass Daleks he defeated in previous battles, only to find that Clara, herself, is a Dalek cyborg. Again, we see her death as the planet is destroyed.

Who is this woman, and how is she alive again? We have seven more episodes to find out.

50th Anniversary Special News

Over the weekend, and on Monday, April 1st (no, this is not an April Fool’s joke) it was released that Billie Piper and David Tennant would be coming back for the anniversary special. They are to be joined by “other familiar faces” along with accomplished British actor, John Hurt. On the BBC One Blog, a photo of David Tennant and Matt Smith shows them after their first reading on Monday night. The blog promises more updates as they occur.

Just 50 years…

In fifty years we have seen 11 doctors, 50 plus companions (there is a great debate as to who qualifies as a companion), the Daleks come and go many times, how statues can be the ultimate boogie man, the Master continuing to try to take over the universe, among other old and new adversaries. Dr Who started as a television show in 1963. It has since crossed over into plays, a movie, books, comics, audioplays, animated series, and television spin-offs. Dr Who has been spoofed on  Saturday Night LiveMystery Science Theater 3000Family GuyAmerican Dad!FuturamaSouth ParkCommunity as Inspector Spacetime, The Simpsons and The Big Bang Theory. The show has infiltrated into the culture so quietly. What would we do with out those buzz phrases “bow ties are cool,”  “brilliant,” or “its bigger on the inside?’ I know that my life would be lacking without having Dr Who in it.