H is for Halo….Maybe?

Ok, as I was brainstorming ideas for my list, I came up with Halo for “H.” It seemed like a good idea at the time. I, however, am not a gamer. I am surrounded by gamers who will be giving me crap after they read this post. I never had console games in my house and love it when I hit a friend’s house with Lego anything. I did play World of Warcraft for a few years, but stopped when I realized that eight hours of grinding could be spent with real live people.

Aww, cosplayers. Image from http://hdw.eweb4.com/out/628023.html

Aww, cosplayers. Image from http://hdw.eweb4.com/out/628023.html

And this photo reminds of a favorite YouTube video.

Wow, serious stream of consciousness/Ooo shiny kicked in.

Halo. I am supposed to be writing about Halo. I know that the franchise originally started as a PC game, and then Microsoft took it over to the 360 for console gaming. The lead character is called Master Chief. The franchise has turned out 7 video games,  book adaptations, graphic novels, comics, a stalled movie, and an anime series.

But it has now become part of the culture and comic relief  as done by Rooster Teeth’s Red vs Blue in the machinima style.

What does this say about Halo? If anything is around long enough and is kind of popular, it will be taken up and reconstituted into a new form. Heck, it has its own pedia site.